The company was founded in 1982 by Alfons Gentil. His longstanding experience in the design and application of special machining tools were the solid base for the success of our endeavor to serve our customers as a competent and flexible partner equipped with innovative ideas and solutions for machining tasks. Since 1997 the business has been run by Stefan Gentil and Wolfgang Sußner. Through consequent implementation of progressive ideas, we have continued the early investment in highly innovative production technology in order to be able to meet the ever increasing requirements for precision and productivity. In 2002 we moved to the new spacious factory to be ready for the challenges of the future. Since 2006 our operation has been certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001.


The machining process has made decisive contributions to industrialization and the elated development of serial and mass production technology. Almost all contemporary industrial sectors require machining tools to realize a wide variety of products and technologies. The demands on machining technology have continued to grow and are more differentiated today than ever bevore. With our experienced accumulated over decades we have accompanied this development since 1982. Due to our expertise and the common language with the users we are now respected as competent partners in the market for solutions in the precision and special tool industry.

It is the declared goal of our company to continuously meet and succeed our customers’ expectations regarding quality, delivery and service around the tool. The name of GENTIL CARBIDE TOOLS shall represent first-class quality to our customers, suppliers, and ourselves. We consider our customers and supplier’s partners in order to mutually benefit from the positive results of this partnership.

Your Benefits

  • Tools made according to your individual requirements
  • Highest precision
  • Best surface qualities
  • Selection of cutting material and coating optimized for your process
  • Short delivery lead time
  • Lower cost due to the reduction of primary and secondary processing times
  • Full reproducibility for follow-on orders guaranteed by documenting all relevant production parameters.